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Seafood Flakes with Celery and Walnuts Salad

What you need: seafood flakes, thawed celery sticks, diced walnuts, cut into halves or smaller whole egg mayonnaise pinch of salt, pepper and white sugar What you need to do: Mix everything together in a bowl, taste and adjust seasoning if needed.  Refrigerate before serving. Finished. Advertisements

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Pasta in Seafood Sauce (updated 2 June 2015 for a creamier sauce)

Below is the recipe I previously posted but in bold and italicized letters are the updates I have made today for those who wish their sauce creamier, specially if you are serving it with bread. Winter = Pasta.  It had been very cold here lately and one of the dishes we would usually have during …

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Simmered Fish

Fish is good.  We love our pork and our chicken and our steaks but fish is good.  Some people regard fish as boring but there are hundreds of ways to cook fish to make it interesting and exciting. In our case, we don’t eat fish as often as we really want to.  It is because …

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