Monthly Archives: August, 2017

Our family’s basic Cauliflower Rice

  Picture to follow, couldn’t take a good one! What you need: a head of cauliflower, leaves and stalks removed 1-2 pieces of garlic, minced 2-3 tablespoons coconut oil chives salt to taste What you need to do: Process your cauliflower florettes in a food processor until they resemble grains. Saute your garlic in the …

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Turon (Banana Fritter)

Craving for something sweet and yum?  Turon it is! What you need: Saba (plantain bananas), each one cut in half lengthwise spring roll wrappers brown sugar about 2-3 cups cooking oil depending on your pan and how much you are cooking What you need to do:  Get one of your spring roll wrappers.  Sprinkle some …

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