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Ube Crinkle Cookie Recipe

Haven’t heard of Ube Crinkle Cookies until middle of last year when I saw a recipe and made some for my husband.  He LOVED them and it was a lovely change from the usual chocolate crinkle cookies, and not as sweet.  I don’t own the recipe and I am merely reproducing the recipe below for easy …

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Gingerbread Cookies

Start of a long school holiday.  As usual, I have to think of things to do with my daughter so she wouldn’t be that bored. As I was paying for my groceries in Foodworks, I stumbled upon a free Scratch & Sniff Recipe card, and the recipe was for Gingerbread Cookies.  Yay, something for her to …

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Oatmeal Cookies

Last night I had a craving for a cookie. I didn’t have chocolate chips and walnuts but I did have some rolled oats so I decided to make some oatmeal cookies. I haven’t done this for a while and it took me a while to find my recipe. Thank goodness I can now document it in …

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