Monthly Archives: October, 2015

Severed Fingers/Witches’ Fingers Biscuits

Halloween.  The time when kids you have taught never to accept sweets from strangers knock on strangers’ doors to ask for some hahaha. I have often thought of making these Witches’ Fingers/Severed Fingers cookies but have never done so.  This time, I did with my daughter and we had a lot of fun.  They were …

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My Black Biko (Black Glutinous Rice Pudding)

I finally was able to buy a pack of Thai black glutinous rice.  I have tried a black pudding from a Thai restaurant a very long time ago  and although it was very similar to the Filipino version, I liked its texture and was excited by its colour and just wanted to find out if we …

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Parmesan Crusted Salmon (from Hello Fresh)

My husband and I tried Hello Fresh just so we can use the voucher we received from a book shop.  It was exciting receiving the box of ingredients for three meals for 2 people and it was equally exciting to prepare the meals as they are recipes that are new to us.  We have decided …

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