Mock Langos


So what is langos?  Langos is a Hungarian food that we have had the privilege of having in one of the night markets here in Ipswich.  We loved it but since the market is quite a distance from our home, plus we end up buying things there and spending too much, I have decided to make our own.   The bread is supposed to be crispy outside and chewy inside but I don’t mind using something thinner.  Loved loved loved it and it’s such a treat to eat so here is my Mock Langos recipe:

What you need:

a packet or two of your favourite wrap

oil for deep frying

sour cream

fresh garlic, minced

grated cheese

optional:  fresh tomatoes, diced

fresh onions, diced

fresh rockets or normal spinach leaves, or a pack of mixed salad leaves

What you need to do:

  1.  Mix garlic with your sour cream and set aside.
  2. Deep fry your wrap and drain.  Set aside.
  3. To assemble:  Spread the garlic sour cream on the wrap.  Add the cheese.  You can stop here if you want because this basic langos.  But to make it even more interesting, add tomatoes, onions, and your leaves.  Add what you want!
  4. Cut in 4 wedges and serve.
  5. Serve some more :).  Yum!




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