It is so hard to dispose of things when they hold some sentimental value.  My daughter doesn’t want me to donate a small cage to a garage sale fundraising, where her tiny mouse pet used to live in, until it died more than a year ago.  It is still in the garage.

“But mum, I made that giant Ladybird in 1st grade!” (a lot of what she made are huge) so it stayed on her wall until this year when she turned 6th grade, but it has to be kept and not thrown.  “Yes, mum, you can give away these Dora DVDs.  You can give away the Hi-5 DVDs, even the Wiggles one but NOT the Hi-5 Animal Adventure, not the Wiggles with Steve Irwin and not The Fairies DVDs!” so they are still in the DVDs cabinet.  “Not my jigsaw puzzles, mum!” “But that’s my doggy costume when I was in 2nd grade!”  “But it was so hard for me to make that huge paper cube!”  During days when I gather old toys to give to charity, half of them end up back in the boxes — “Oh mum, I got this from…” or “this was given to be by…” or “we bought this from when we went to…” . I always give in because it is sometimes the same with me.   I still have my husband’s love letters with me which he wrote (on a nearly daily basis!) before we got married.  I still prefer looking at hard copies of old photographs because I can hold them and gaze at them anytime I want, anywhere I am.  I even kept my daughter’s hair which she herself cut (I remember looking at horror) with a pair of safety scissors, and her baby teeth that fell off (the tooth fairy always gives them to me for a gold coin in return).

I still have these:


Yep, that was her 1st birthday cake candle and her baby hat and shoes.

One time, I have just finished bagging some clothes for charity when my husband, who was excercising in the garage, looked at one bag.  He stopped what he was doing and asked if it was for charity.  I said yes.  “Even that?” he asked.  I looked down and on top of the bag was this:


A shiny top.

I said yes.  “Aww…” he said.  “Isn’t that one of her favorite top?”  Yyyyyesssss….?  He says “I remember her wearing that a lot of times!”  Oooookayyyyy…. so back to the closet it went.

Memories 🙂  some things/photos just take us back to those times we will always remember.


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