My Plain Strawberry Jam – CORRECTED 20 Aug 2014


July starts the strawberry season here in Queensland. We used to travel yearly to the Sunshine Coast to pick our own strawberries in the Strawberry Farm ( or the Eumundi Markets ( I guess the novelty has worn off (at least for now) and we just content ourselves with purchasing strawberries from the grocery 😉

I love eating strawberries plain in its freshest state, but sometimes when I overbuy and I have some left over (even after making strawberry shakes and chocolate covered strawberries), I imagine myself making strawberry jam, which I was not a big fan of. But my husband loves strawberry jam and there’s this brand that he keeps on buying.

I thought I’d give it a go just to see whether what I make would make me a convert. And yes it did, I would rather eat my own jam than buy 🙂 I am my biggest fan, obviously.

This recipe is very simple, and I didn’t buy and use pectin.  I relied on the small amount of pectin the strawberries naturally have. Because of this, this jam is spreadable but will still get firmer as days go by.  It’s perfect to serve immediately on fresh bread.  Store any leftover in the fridge.

What I had:

250 grams fresh strawberries, hulled (meaning the green tops removed) and coarsely cut up

2 cups white sugar (yes, 2 — jams are sweet) just 1 cup of sugar — corrected 20 August 2014, sorry!

pinch of salt

about a tablespoon of lemon juice

What I did:

In a pot, I crushed the strawberries by hand (yes by my clean hands).  I wanted bits of strawberries when I eat my jam. This gave me about 2 cups 1 cup of crushed strawberries.  To this I added the sugar, salt and lemon juice.  Over low heat, I cooked these up while stirring gently until the sugar had dissolved.  I turned up the heat and boiled the mixture while still stirring once in a while.  I used my candy thermometer and waited until the reading was 105 deg C.

While the jam was cooking, I sterilized a couple of clean bottles.  I did this by placing the bottles upright and their lids (separate of course) on an baking tray and place them in an oven preheated to 120 deg C.  I left them there for about 20 minutes.  I am just an amateur in jam making and I have Googled ways to sterilize bottles and found this the easiest for me.

Very very carefully transfer your jam in your sterilized bottles, leaving a bit of space on top before putting the lid on.  Or, if you are planning to serve immediately, forget about sterilizing bottles, just pour in small serving bowls or ramekin dishes.


20140613_174613 20140613_175659 20140802_161243


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