Migraine Monday

What a Monday I had.  I had to post a couple of postcards and bring some stuff to Vinnie’s that day and so on the morning, and with my daughter, we drove to the Post Office.  Turned out we were too early so we walked to Woolworths to get some grocery items instead.  It was such a beautiful day.

Inside the shop, we were walking to get some eggs when all of a sudden, it smelled like someone let one off.   A big one.  My daughter and I looked at each other, silently accusing the other.  But nope, neither of us was the culprit of course and we burst out laughing.  Brave soldiers that we were (and because I was starting to feel the start of a migraine attack — no surprise there, strong smells whether it’s disgusting or perfume-y triggers an attack — and would therefore like to finish everything asap) we forged on and as fast as we can grabbed the first carton of eggs we saw.  After paying for our purchases, we left, my head throbbing.

On our way to the car, two women who work in Vinnies were smoking while chatting on a bench, which is unfortunately beside our car.  They were probably taking a break from volunteer work and I am in awe of how some people can actually offer to help out.  But the smoke is making the throbbing stronger.  Holding my breath, we loaded our bags of grocery in the car and took down the box of charity stuff and went in to donate.  There was just one last thing to do:  the postcards.

We went inside the Post Office, which was actually a small shop.  There were only four people inside as we came in, two of which were staff.  As soon as we stepped in, the smell was unbearable.  The smell seemed to be, or at least similar to, odor coming from someone who hasn’t washed for weeks in a hot summer.  Right there and then I knew who it was coming from.  My life experience had given me accurate sensors and I definitely zoned in on the source.  I didn’t back out (which I should have done) as I worry I would offend someone in the shop and also because I wanted it done already.  Besides, there was just one person in front of me in the queue.

I couldn’t hold my breath too long though so soon enough I was breathing the smell in and hopefully out.  The throbbing has gone full blast by now.  It’s taking too long.  Finally, it’s our turn.  And I had to stick the stamps on my postcards.  And the stamps covered some of the words in them.  I didn’t care.  My head is about to explode.

We ran out after dropping them in the mailbox and drove home, all the smells stuck to our hair and clothing.  I can see little silver stars now and decided to have 2 cups of coffee.  Coffee and Coke have always saved me when my migraine is just about to strike.  I went for the coffee. But it was too late. After the coffee, I was feeling quite dizzy and wanting to throw up.  My daughter helped me inflate the mattress so I can close my eyes and take a nap (more like pass out haha).  It was a school holiday and I didn’t want to be in the bedroom and leave her alone in the lounge.

Couldn’t sleep at first because of the headache.  My daughter sweetly got me a cold pack and massaged my temples with Vicks, the smell of which she hates.  I finally fell asleep and opened my eyes to the same throbbing about 3 hours later.  Found out I don’t have any paracetamol anymore so I went for the ibuprofen and swallowed 2.  Went back on the mattress and tried to play Mario Kart Wii with my daughter but had to stop as it made me feel worse.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to cook the chicken I was planning to roast that night with some potatoes.  Guess we are having 2 minute beef noodles tonight.

Closed my eyes and opened them when I heard my husband driving in.  Husband and daughter preps dinner of ham and cheese sandwiches which we incidentally had for breakfast and lunch  as well.  Couldn’t eat and stayed in a dark room until finally, all pain is gone.  I’m alive again 🙂 and happy to see my husband clearing up the kitchen.

Loving my husband and daughter.  That’s one of those days in our household.

Tomorrow is another day.


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