We are the World

I didn’t even know what title to give this blog.

I haven’t had the time to write recently because I have been super busy worrying and initiating a fund raising, and have not been in the best of mood to write about what I like writing about — food — because of the unbelievably depressing situation of those in the Philippines who were affected by the Super Typhoon Haiyan.

It’s probably because I am a mother that I feel it difficult to look at photos of children scavenging for food, and children who are now orphans because their parents have died, without sobbing.  Luckily, I have a lot of time by myself at home so I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing me. It is these “alone” times that I treasure — I have never been comfortable around too many people and I value these times that I am by myself, which is sometimes hard for other people to understand.  Those photos of children made me think of my small nieces and nephews and made me think how heartbreaking it is for children to all of a sudden wake up without their mum or dad holding them, feeding them or hugging them. Too sad, I thought. And I had to do something.  Anything.

The fund raising was a huge success.  I have never thought I could ever organize one but I guess when you have been touched you won’t feel at peace until you have done something.  Thanks to our Parish Priest and all the parishioners, friends and families, we were able to raise $2,128.70 and I am confident that this amount would make a difference and help lighten the burdens of our brothers and sisters in Tacloban and other affected areas.

What bothers me most are still those children.  Who will look after them?  It’s hard enough to be poor but to be poor and alone and a child is something I cannot ever imagine.  I just want to adopt all of them if I could.  If only I could 😦



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