Broken Glass or Cathedral Windows Updated Dec 2014


Last night we watched a musical soiree of my daughter’s school where she performed as part of the Senior Choir and Grade 5 band playing the flute.  The show is not phenomenal as professional shows would be but it was heartwarming to see children trying their hands at various instruments and showing what they can do with them.  These kids worked hard to put on a show they are proud of.  And what’s more special is the mix of children from different heritages being one in music.  Skins of different colour combining into one.  Reminds me of one of my daughter’s favourite dessert: gelatine.

Jellies and gelatine are fun and easy to make and the colours are like magnets to my daughters’ eyes.  It is nice to make this with your kids — you can see amazement in their eyes as they help cut out the coloured jellies and steal some to put in their mouths.  You don’t need to worry about how perfect the shapes are — that’s why they are called Broken Glass but you see, they are united to make a perfectly cool and beautiful dessert.


4-5 colored flavored jelly crystals(we used Aeroplane Jelly Orange, Creaming Soda, Purple Grape, Lime and Berry Blue (best flavors for me were Mango, Bubblegum, Orange and Blue Heaven but this time we tried other flavors) — in the Philippines, I use Alsa brand of coloured jelly

32 grams unflavoured gelatine powder or 4 envelopes of Knox unflavored gelatine

400 mls thickened cream (my mum uses 750 mls or 3 cans of Nestle Reduced Fat Cream — more cream gives the coloured jelly more space between each other)

a can of Condensed Milk (I use Nestle 395 gram can)

2 tablespoons sugar

What you need to do:

Dissolve each packet of your jelly crystals in ONE CUP OF BOILING WATER.  Do not follow the instruction in the packets because they don’t set as firm as you would want them to.  Pour in containers and refrigerate to set for maybe a couple of hours or just leave them in the fridge overnight.

Cut each of your jelly into cubes and set aside.

Sprinkle your unflavoured gelatine powder in one cup of cold water.  Wait until it looks frothy.  In the meantime, boil one cup of water in a small saucepan.  Add to the boiling water your unflavoured gelatine mixture which by now will look frothy.  Stir until everything is dissolved and the water is clear.  Set aside to cool but not set, maybe about 5 minutes or so (if you use this while it is hot, it could dissolve some of your coloured jellies — mine dissolved some of the lime coloured ones).

In a bowl, pour your cream (no need to whip your cream).  Add the condensed milk and stir gently to combine.  Slowly pour the gelatine mixture on the milk mixture and add the sugar.  Gently add the cubed coloured jellies.  Be careful as they could splash onto you.

Ladle into moulds (couldn’t find mine so I just used a bowl) or individual cups/glasses immediately and refrigerate until set.  Turning the dessert out of the bowl is tricky unless it is a mould, where you take out the bottom and out comes the gelatine.  If you are using a bowl, just loosen the top part with a knife, and then tilt your bowl so that it pushes away from the sides with help from perhaps a butter knife, trying hard not to cut through the gelatine to keep is smooth, and this takes practise.  But then again, this is not important, if you want to enjoy it right away, just scoop a serving from the bowl.

20131021_161054 20131021_161111

20131021_163208 20131022_111525 20131022_111639 20131022_113102

20131022_115601 20131022_120249

My Mama's version (the original!)

My Mama’s version (the original!)


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