Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

School holidays.  What to do?  Watch at least one movie.  Not a downloaded one, but a “real” movie lol.  It was a toss up between Smurfs 2, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and Turbo.  One Direction is definitely not in the list of choices.

Percy won because my daughter is into these kinds of stuff, having just about finished reading the third book in the Harry Potter series.  Fine by us, because we have seen the first Percy Jackson movie.

It’s nice to see Percy again, now nearly an adult, and his friends Annabeth (who is now blonde and wow, what lovely eyes!) and Grover.  This time though we catch a glimpse of Thalia, who I have somehow read about in one of the Percy books (but didn’t get to finish hehe).  Thalia’s story explains how Camp Half-Blood started being protected by a magical border.

Sea of Monsters also introduces us to Percy’s half-brother Tyson who he never knew about, and who was a Cyclops (seeing that one eye is quite disconcerting at first but you get used to it after a while).  And yeah, Luke turns out to be still alive ( this movie seems to revive everyone who “dies”).

It is disappointing that Pierce Brosnan is no longer playing Chiron but he was just effectively portrayed by Anthony Head.  In this movie was also someone in my list of Most Attractive Men, Nathan Fillion, who looked older and pudgier than his Richard Castle image, but that’s alright — he remains on my list.

Overall, the movie is okay.  It is very light (since nobody important in the movie really dies — well, someone does but I get the feeling he will be back) and entertaining.  The effects are cool and though the movie targets the youth, I can’t wait for the next Percy movie 🙂

Now back to those downloaded movies at home!




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