Honey Mustard Glazed Spare Ribs (corrected Aug 2015)


Dinner time again, and I couldn’t decide what to prepare.  Then I saw my bottle of Dijon Mustard and thought hmmm… this would do.  It has been a while since I cooked this recipe and since it is easy to do, I decided we will have this.


about 700 grams pork spare ribs, separated


1/2 cup Dijon mustard (haven’t tried this with the regular yellow mustard so I don’t know if that would work tastewise)

4 tablespoons dark brown sugar (make sure you pack this firmly on your spoon when measuring)

2 tablespoons honey or golden syrup

dash of Worcestershire sauce

What?  That’s it?  Yes, that’s it.


Cover your ribs with water in a large saucepan and boil until tender.  Drain.

Mix the remaining ingredients in a small bowl.  Brush this mixture on your ribs.

Place your ribs on a griddle or a pan over medium heat.  Turn over and do the same to the other side of your ribs.

Brush any leftover sauce onto the ribs and serve with coleslaw or rice or mashed potatoes.

Definitely a keeper!

Wikipedia says:  Dijon mustard originated in 1856, when Jean Naigeon of Dijon substituted verjuice, the acidic “green” juice of not-quite-ripe grapes, for vinegar in the traditional mustard recipe.[25] In general, mustards from Dijon today contain white wine rather than verjuice.


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