My Croissant Donuts (NOT saying cronuts) – updated 19 Aug 2014


I am not saying CRONUTS because I have read that the New York bakery whose chef developed this pastry has trademarked the name and to simplify things, I will just call mine croissant donuts (I spelled donuts this way instead of “doughnuts” — faster to type lol) because they are donuts made from my croissant recipe.

I have decided to try making them last night (yawn!) as I was making my croissants for my daughter’s and husband’s lunch boxes and breakfast.  I did suspect the first time I made croissants that those croissant donuts (CD I will now call them), were very much related to good ol’ croissants.  And although I haven’t tried the original ones, I did have some expectation as to how they would taste.

To make my CDs, I just prepared my croissant dough (see my HOMEMADE CROISSANTS recipe).  Make sure you did the 3 hour refrigerated proofing, AND the 4 times of folding and resting.  You can add an additional cycle of folding and resting if you want more layers in your CDs.

Now, roll your dough to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.  Use a sharp donut cutter and start cutting.   Carefully transfer them to a baking tray lined with a wax paper.  The middle part (or what some people the donut “holes”) you also transfer to your pan. If you have left over dough, either you twist them, or you just leave them in whatever shape you have and place them in a tray as well (I didn’t want to bin them).

Leave overnight or until they double in size.

Deep fry them (healthy NOT but the frying makes the CDs crunchy outside) until crunchy and golden brown.  I would drain these in paper towels or a strainer.  I tried to bake some but the fried ones are better.

Prepare a glaze (icing sugar plus a bit of milk until a white glaze results) and drizzle on top of the CDs (this is what I did and we loved these) and serve with tea or coffee.


a.  Roll the fried CDs in cinnamon/sugar mixture (might be too “plain”)

b. Dip the top half in melted chocolate (dark, white or milk whatever) and you can sprinkle with nuts, coconuts, hundreds and thousands

c. Sprinkle with cocoa powder

And there it is.  Quite addictive but you better exercise for a long time after having some!

20140817_065535 20140817_072917


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