Today, I turn 46. Can’t believe it.  It seems just yesterday someone asked me how old I was and I was quite not sure whether I was 11 or 12.  And now, I am 46.

So many things have happened in those 46 years and now that I am in front of my computer after having breakfast by my lonesome (yeah, my husband and daughter had to go to Piano and Jazz lessons and I am not feeling very well so I had to stay behind), with our dog on my lap, I take it it’s a good time to reflect.

Hmmm… memories of events are rushing into my mind and though I have always placed myself behind everyone else, I think I deserve a day where I am going to make myself the star of the day 🙂  When are those days I was happiest and proudest?

I remember being interviewed to be accepted in Kindergarten.  I know, right?   How can I remember that?  I don’t know.  I just remember the place, it was an airconditioned room with lots of toys…

And I remember the first day of school, the smell of those plastic envelopes where our notebooks are… my classmates and I wearing crisp blue school uniforms with shiny black shoes… I remember having a best friend named Jennifer.  And then she didn’t come back the following year.  What’s funny is that I never forgot her full name and I have often wondered what had happened to her.  And I know there was another girl called Claudia who was our friend too.  I guess kids do remember things and people this early in life.  But thanks to Facebook, Jennifer found me!  And it’s so awesome that we both kept photos of each other from when we were in Kindergarten! Then we found Claudia too 😉

In 1st grade, I remember being asked by the teacher to accompany a classmate to the toilet because she had a tummy ache.  Turned out she had a burst appendix and had to have surgery. And we found each other in Facebook too hahaha.

I remember being immunized in school — I was, I think in 4th grade in an all girls school.  It was terrifying.  We were all in line, waiting for our turn.  I remember seeing the girls in front of me getting the needle — it was a big needle! and I remember the doctor putting the tip of the needle on the flame of a candle to sanitize it.  I don’t know why I didn’t faint that time because I know I would now, I suppose it’s because it was shocking and my whole system just froze.  I don’t even remember if I cried, but I do remember how much it hurt.  And there, right there, is when I started to fear and hate THE NEEDLE.

I remember always doing the readings in church.  And always being the class president until 4th or 5th grade that I was so fed up being voted all the time that one time, right after being voted as president (again), they asked me to speak in front.  I wouldn’t do this now, but I did it that time and bravely:  I went to the front, opened my mouth and said “blah blach blah blach”, words that didn’t mean anything, I even moved my hands and pretended to say something that made sense.  Hahahaha. Heeheeheee.  After that “speech”, they clapped their hands, obviously not even realizing what I just did.  Hahahaha.  Heeheehee.

I remember having my First Communion wearing all white, with my grandmother and my aunt (my parents were out of town that day).  Every year, the first phone call I get on my birthday is from my grandmother.  And I still miss her a lot until now.  I miss her so very much.  Maybe because I lived with her for sometime, and we were very close.  We prayed the rosary together, she cooked my lunch that someone brings to my school so I could always have a warm meal, we rode in public transportation to doctors and dentists when I needed to be brought to them, she made me dressed in her sewing machine, she never ever got cross with me, ever.  Everything I did was fine with her, even whenever the vegetables I chopped were not the sizes she likes, they’re fine — but not when my aunts were the ones who did the chopping!  I remember going to the market with her because I didn’t want her to carry the watermelon I know she will always buy for me.  Everytime I went with her, my protective mode sets in.  I am always looking around to check that she is safe.  It was very hard for me when she died specially because I saw her the night that she died, in the hospital after I visited my grandfather who just had surgery.  As I was about to step into the elevator, out comes my grandmother to see him.  And though I kissed her as I normally did, I didn’t think it would be the last time I would 😦

I remember being the new kid in high school.  I was so worried I wouldn’t have any friends but I did.  I got involved in basketball (yeah, I was a Forward) and in stage plays (who would think?) High school was fun but it went so quickly. There were Proms and dances and parties.  Then boom, we were throwing up our graduation hats in the air.

College was time to get serious.  I couldn’t decide what course to take so I just went on with what was expected and practical:  Accounting.  Scary professors and trying to balance debits and credits didn’t make it enjoyable, but through perseverance, I did it.  The university was a long way from our house and there were so many things I have seen and experienced during the daily commute.  I was robbed at one time.  It was hard to find transportation a lot of times specially when I had to go home late at night.  I’m glad I got through it.  And as far as I was concerned, that’s all the studying I need.

Except I had to go to a review school for the CPA board.  And the review school is even further than the University, that my parents booked me to live in a dorm during the review.  I was the only one from my school, and I was surrounded by students from other schools, all reviewing for the board.  I felt like I was Harry Potter except he was not yet in existence that time.  The night of the first day of the board exams, people were running around I can hear their frantic steps because there was supposedly a leak of the exam.  I didn’t care.  I stayed in my bed and prayed, and slept.  I passed the board with 82% (not bad, I think), while most of those who had the supposed advantage from the leak, didn’t make it 😦

Then I had to start working.  Marketing Clerk, Audit, Accounting, Process Management, Bank Loans, Branch Banking, Financial Planning, Performance Appraisals.  I did those.  Had my first and only boyfriend at 27  who I met at work (I know — quite a late bloomer, I was).  I got involved in a labor strike (what? me? yes) walking around with a placard, and was interviewed for it in the news.  I got married a day before I turned 30 (late bloomer, I said).  Tried for 5 years to have a baby with numerous visits to the doctor, numerous injections (gosh I really hate needles), and finally conceiving naturally when I was 35 (as usual, late).

Migrated to Australia in 2003 while 7 months pregnant.  I remember how hard it was to squeeze into the seat in the plane because of my tummy.  Gave birth here in Aussie via C section because of some complications.  I feel blessed that my husband is always on my side.  He may not be perfect but being around makes him perfect in my eyes, and in my daughter’s eyes.  Everytime she asks help for her homework and she is not sure I am right, she always has to “confirm” with dad.

And now here I am, old and starting to wrinkle.  Some back aches once in a while.  And getting grey — which reminds me, I need to have my hair dyed again!  I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me 🙂 🙂


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