Japanese Chicken Curry (my version)

I know, I know.  There should be a photo of the curry but I wasn’t able to take any from all those times I made this, which by the way, is my daughter’s all time favourite. Mama’s requesting for the recipe so here it goes, without any photo.


1 washed and dried large chicken breast (chicken thigh fillets are fine just remember to cook it a few minutes longer), cut in serving strips

Plain flour, seasoned with salt and pepper

2 eggs with a tablespoon or so of milk or water, whisked together in a bowl

Panko bread crumbs

100 grams S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix (I use the mild version but you can use the hotter ones if you prefer)

1 large potato, cubed

1 large carrot, cubed

2 1/2 – 3 cups water for boiling


Boil the potatoes and carrots together in water.   When they are soft enough, drop squares of the curry and continue cooking until the curry and the water forms into a thick sauce.  If sauce is too thin, add another square of the curry or, if it is too thick, add water. Set aside.

Dip chicken pieces onto seasoned flour, then onto the egg mixture, then onto the bread crumbs.  Deep fry until golden brown — this shouldn’t take long and chicken breasts are quick to cook.  Strain.

Serve the chicken strips on top of cooked rice, and pour the sauce with the potatoes and carrots.  Yum. Serves 3.

P.S. You can use pork if you prefer!

Ma, I am posting photos of the breadcrumbs and curry sauce pack for when you go shopping 🙂



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