So many things to write about, but I just couldn’t get the time I need to do so, so I will just randomly ramble on about bits and pieces sigh.

Today I will have to make a Tinkerbell cake and I am so excited to start but thought I will just have a cuppa before I do so, check my emails, check my FB, play a couple of Candy Crush (yeah yeah, I’m in level 305 haha), write a bit, wash up and then go on with the day.  It will be a fantastic cake and though I am excited, I am also (as is with every cake I make), nervous.

Yesterday was the day of the news about the rescue of the 3 ladies kidnapped in Cleveland.  It is a day of jubilation for friends and families of all 3 ladies (I have glimpsed a headline that there might have been 4 but I have yet to read the news).  I was one of those who had to grab a tissue and cry for these strangers who have once been lost and now are found.  I cry for those 10 years that they have lost, for the mum of one of them who died of a broken heart before her daughter was found alive, for that 6 year old girl who was born during her mum’s captivity.  How could anyone be so evil?  That is always the question we ask.  They are now safe in the arms of their loved ones, but now starts the gruelling and daunting task of recalling their years of terror and telling and retelling of the same to the police, the courts, everyone.  There is always hope, and I still hope for all the other missing persons specially the children, that they may also be found.  In my heart, I wish none of these abductions happened in the first place, but the reality is, they did and still do 😦

Just recently here in Australia, two teenagers who have entered a school illegally and beat and killed the school’s alpacas were let go by the justice system.  Upon hearing this news, I can only gasp in disbelief.  The messages sent to other teens seem to be:  it is okay to enter a property anytime you want to, even if it’s not yours; it is okay to hurt someone or something; it is okay to have some fun in whatever way you want; it is okay to take the life of an animal; it is okay because you will not be punished and not held responsible.  It is very disappointing and it is scary because with this kind of attitude, these youths will grow up careless of how their actions would affect everyone else around them.  They will not feel accountable for everything they decide to do. They will grow up feeling they rule.  And that is one sure way of making life miserable in this world.  No order, no punishment, no responsibility.  I hope they change their mind about how they deal with crimes committed by teenagers, and the earlier they do, the better for us all.

As of now, this is all the time I have for writing.  I hope to write again soon, and about happier things, I hope.


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