It’s been such a hectic two weeks for me.  As in hectic with a capital H.  As in “heych” as they say here in Aussie. I had to work in the tuckshop and I had to make 3 cakes for last weekend, and start the decorations a few days beforehand.  Therefore I had to go to bed really late the past days.

I have been asked to fill in for somebody who was on holiday for two weeks in the school tuckshop and I was quite happy to work again and see those kids.  I have been working as a volunteer and then a paid employee in the tuckshop for about 3 1/2 years and it had always been a joy to serve the students during morning tea and lunch.

I love it when the primaries wave at me whenever they see me around, with their cheerful “Hi Mrs. Palafox!”.  It feels great to be trusted by these children, and it gives me a chance to be near where my daughter is all the time.  That way, I can look around the school and see for myself that the children are safe and secure and happy.

It hadn’t been easy at first, I have had experiences that are memorable.  First of all, I had to memorize how much each of the items we sell are, and gee, my memory is not something I am proud of! Also, adding $3.80 and $.70 and $4.50 and $2.20 is not something that’s easy for me to do quickly lol.

There was a time I was taking out a tray of chicken nuggets from the oven and my fingers accidentally touched a part of the tray that my kitchen cloth wasn’t covering and in my desire not to drop the tray, I did a Kung Fu sort of thing — I ignored the searing heat, that is, until I put down the tray, and did a silent scream.  The soreness of my burn lasted several long days.

There was a time when I asked a little girl whether she wanted strawberry or orange flavoured blizzard and she said something that sounded like “donkey”.  I was like, ahmm… sorry, did you want strawberry or orange?  And again she said “donkey”.  Hmmm…. then I realized that she was actually saying “I don’t care”.  Hahahaha.

Another time there was a high schooler asking for something that I really, truly couldn’t understand.  I had to ask him to point it out to me in the fridge.  He was just after an Iced Tea.  How on earth could I have not understood him?  I don’t remember what it sounded like, but it definitely didn’t sound like “iced tea”!

One wanted a “snack”.  I was like, “snack”?  He was like “yes please”.  And I was like “ahmmm…. which one did you mean?”  And he pointed at the long snake lolly — and I was “Oh…. a snake lolly.”

Speaking of those big snake lolly, it is amusing how the kids call them.  One called it a “Giant Snake”, one called it an “Anaconda”, while another one called it the “Killer Python”.

It truly is interesting working in the tuckshop.  It is not easy mind you, but it definitely is interesting and one that keeps me looking forward to a chance to do it again. Yes, I love being a Tuckshop Lady!


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  1. Love your tuck shop adventures! Have to hear you “donkey” version the next time we meet.

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