My Very First Job

I had then just graduated from college and was waiting for the result of the CPA board exam I took.  It was kind of weird not having to wake up early to join the morning rush going to school.  Weird, but also nice in a way.

I was just bumming around the house, pretty sure I deserved a break from all those years of studying.

Then my friend’s aunt, who is a member of the board of directors of a prestigious hotel in Manila called me to ask if I was interested in working for the hotel in their Marketing Division as a clerk as he knows there is an opening.  Deciding I had nothing else to do anyway, I agreed, and my father drove me to the hotel to see the person he referred me to.

When I got there, I was asked to go through the service entrance.  What??? Service Entrance??? I didn’t even know (I was so naive) that there is a separate entrance for the hotel guests and the people who work in the hotel.  The idealist in me was questioning this seemingly discriminatory practise.  Did I say I was naive?

Anyway, the head of the hotel’s HR talked to me.  I didn’t realize it wasn’t just talking we were doing, it was an interview.  An interview.  I was thinking, I thought I didn’t need an interview because, well, I knew someone “up there”.  Then I thought it was probably all formality.  Then I was asked to proceed to the Marketing Division.

As soon as I got there, I noticed the ambience.  Yep, the ambience.  It was different from outside.   A bit dim (why are there lampshades everywhere?) but in a classy sort of way.  Smelled nice too.  There was a waiting area and on the couch was a lady about maybe 10 years older than my 20.  I smiled at her (I make friends easily, or I USED to make friends easily — not that much anymore but that’s another story).  She smiled back.  It really was easy for me to make friends back then.  I was confident.  I was young.  The world was waiting for me.

During our conversation, I found out she has been waiting for nearly an hour for her interview.  She was a single mother of two children, and she needed a job.  ANY job.  She graduated from a college I haven’t even heard of.  My enthusiasm to start working started to diminish.  She NEEDED a job.  I just wanted to do something before I actually look for a  job.  Maybe there was an opening for not one, but two people.  Hmmm… so this is how it is.  I am feeling quite weird.  I haven’t been exposed that much to the realities of the world.  To people other than those in school.

Then she was called and ushered inside.  I wished her good luck and she smiled nervously as she turned towards the office of whoever was going to interview her.  I hope she gets it too and wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend to work with even if we just met there?

I wasn’t nervous about my interview.  As I said, I was confident, I was young.

She came out with a tired smile.  She wished me good luck as she was leaving and I asked her how it went.  She said she was told they will call her.

Then it was my turn.  I was interviewed first by one of the Marketing personnels.  Yvette was beautiful.  Her hair was so black and shiny and smooth, and it looked like she just came from the beauty parlor, with her make up so perfect.  She was smelling like she never ever sweated in her life.  She was nice to talk to.

I didn’t know there will be a second interview until she asked me to go to somebody, this time a Japanese man in charge of their Japanese clients.  Hiro was in an expensive looking suit and smelled of cigarettes.  He was a warm person.  Then he asked me to go to another office, yes, for a third interview.

Vicky was the head of Marketing Division.  Very elegant looking, oozing with a boss aura.  She was nice as well, but sounded busy and tired.  During this interview she told me that that needed only one person.  I can’t explain how I felt, I was thinking of the other applicant and though I thought it would be nice to work for these people, in this environment, deep inside I was hoping they will get her.

Then Vicky told me I can start on Monday.

That day was the day I grew up and had a glimpse of what real life was.  I was happy but unbelievably much more than that, I was also sad.


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  1. Leap of Faith!

    It just goes to prove, Maricris, what a kind-hearted person you are. The mere fact that you empathise for the other person who didn’t get a job shows how compassionate you are. Unfortunately, the world can be cruel a lot if times.

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