Someone’s Waiting For You.

Dear Zarah,

I don’t even know why I am writing this.  You don’t know me, and I don’t know you.

I have read about you in the newspapers, and what I have read had made my heart bleed.

You were just 10 years old.  You’re too young to have experienced so many pains in your life.  My daughter is turning 10 soon and I can’t believe you are the same age and yet you have had to overcome endless storms and heartaches at such an early age.

I have read that when you were born, your mother had postpartum depression and she gave you up to your father because of this 😦 I hope you never ever felt that your mother never loved you.  I want to believe that deep in her heart, she does, she just felt sad during that time. I want to believe that now she regrets giving you up.

I have read that at the early age of around 6, you were diagnosed with bone cancer, and later on, lung cancer.  I hope during those times when you were feeling physical pain, somebody was there to comfort you.  To hug you and pray for you.

I have read that they had to amputate the lower part of one of your legs and that you had to wear hearing aids.  I hope there were strong arms to support you and a soothing voice whispering encouragement to you during those times.

I have read that your dad had remarried a woman he met online, and that he took you to America to live with his new wife.  I hope that your fears in leaving home and going to a strange place were eased by a new friend I hoped you have found in your new school.

I have read that you were pulled out of your school to be “home schooled” but there were doubts that you were actually home schooled.  I have read that there were reports of child abuse received by the school and that two teachers have visited your home.  What the results of these visits, I have not read about.  I hope that during those times you were not in school, you were not being hurt by anyone, although I have read that once, before you were pulled out of school, you came with a black eye.  I hope that this was caused by an accident and nothing more.

I have read that you were reported missing in October 2010, days after you actually died.  I have read with horror, shock, sadness and rage at what the investigators have deemed to have happened to you.  I hope that you did not suffer too much, and that now, you are resting peacefully and happily with God above, not remembering anything that ever happened to you.

I have seen photos of you in the news as well.  All of them showing a lovely smiling girl.  And everytime I see you in those photos, it breaks my heart.  You should have been given the chance to grow up, to dream and try to reach your dreams, to be loved.  Yet your life was cut short, perhaps fortunately, for you were not living a life at all.  As a helpless child, you had no control of what was happening around you.  Not a voice.  The grown ups who are supposed to love you and protect you, did the opposite.

A child. That was what you were.  Monsters.  That was what they were.  And in a world full of both love and hatred you were not saved by love.  I hope wherever you are, you are now experiencing a love that is vast and infinite.

You are important and you should have been told that.  Every moment around the world, there will be at least one person thinking about you and grieving for you.  People you do not know yet feel they have known you.

For all children suffering from abuse, there is one song that comes to mind:  “Someone’s Waiting For You” from the movie The Rescuers.

Be brave little one.
Make a wish for each sad little tear.
Hold your head up though no one is near
Someone’s waiting for you.
Don’t cry little one.
There’ll be a smile where a frown use to be
You’ll be part of the love that you see.
Someone’s waiting for you.
Always keep a little prayer in your pocket
and you’re sure to see the light.
Soon there’ll be joy and happiness
and your little world will be bright
Have faith little one
‘Til your hopes and your wishes come true.
You must try to be brave little one.
Someone’s waiting to love you



  1. Leap of Faith!

    Very touching, Maricris! Felt embarassed as I became teary-eyed in the train. It’s always a tragedy when kids are subjected to experiences and illness like what Zarah had to go through. What’s even worse is knowing that a lot of children are in the same boat as she is.

    I guess what’s important is that we break the chain of abuse by showering our children with the love they deserve and also influence other parents within our own circle to do the same. Hopefully, one day, this will be a happier place to live in for all the children.

    • Amen, Keith. 😦 Need to grab a tissue. Again. 😦

  2. Elisa Baker, who murdered and dismembered her 10-year-old disabled Australian stepdaughter Zahra Baker, has been sentenced in the US to 10 years’ jail for conspiring to sell prescription pills.
    Judge Richard Voorhees, in the US District Court in North Carolina, ordered Baker on Monday to serve the 10 years after she completes the 15- to 18-year sentence she received for the shocking 2010 murder of Wagga Wagga-born Zahra.

    Baker was facing a maximum sentence of 20 years for the drug count.

    Baker, 43, was originally facing seven felony drug charges and a maximum 140-year sentence for selling pills including oxycodone and hydrocodone from three homes between May 2006 to October 2010, including a trailer the family lived in and the rented house where Zahra went missing in October 2010.

    In a deal in January, prosecutors dropped all but the one conspiring to distribute painkillers and anti-anxiety drug charge in exchange for Baker’s guilty plea.

    Zahra, who moved to the US with her father Adam Baker after he met Baker on the internet, had a tragic life.

    At the age of five Zahra, suffering bone cancer, had her lower left leg amputated and lost her hearing.

    Family members alleged her stepmother abused her before her death.

    Baker was able to avoid a first-degree murder charge, and possible death sentence, by doing a deal with authorities investigating Zahra’s murder.

    Baker showed authorities where she dumped some of Zahra’s body parts in bushland in return for a second-degree murder count.

    An autopsy found Zahra’s body was cut up with a saw.

    source: 9 News World 5 March 2013

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