The Heat is On.


Wow.  I have tried and tried and tried to be as comfortable as possible in this heat but geez, it’s so dang hard.  Turning the aircon on doesn’t help that much even as I have ignored nagging thoughts about our next electric bill.

You wouldn’t know what a heatwave is until you have experienced it here in Aussie.  And I thought it was hot in the Philippines!  Around 2004 when we were renting a house that had no airconditioner, was the first time I felt really really hot.  The feeling during one of those days I can describe as ironing your clothes and then putting the really hot iron about 2 inches from your face.  It was that hot.

But now that our home has an airconditioner, it is still hot.  I feel sorry for those who live in houses that don’t have one, specially the elderly, the pregnant women (wow), the babies. 

And then there are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who, despite the heat, go on with their mission walking around in their neckties and shirts knocking on doors (I didn’t want to open ours but not because of the heat hehe).  We have been door knocked 3 times already and I think we’re good, I hope.  I guess I should at least offer them a bottle of cold water next time hey?

And the plants!  Never have been a green thumb but I was quite proud of the few flowering stuff I have in our garden — well, they are now wilted and brown, with weeds everywhere.  Just too hot to go out and water them, honestly, even in the morning.

And of course, bushfires everywhere.  Our house is right across some trees and bushes and I remember when they did a controlled burning in Aug 2009 — it scared the life out of me!  They didn’t even tell us what was happening and when I saw the huge orange flames licking at the trees, I nearly panicked, until I saw the firies with their ams on their hips looking at their handiwork.  I still wish they at least doorknocked to let us know, you know!






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