Choc Ripple Cake!

It’s still school holidays and my daughter wanted to make something for dessert. I thought hmmmm, which one?  How about a Choc Ripple Cake?  It’s very easy and best of all, cheap 😛 to make.

Recipe here:

a packet of Arnott’s Choc Ripple biscuits (250 grams) — you can actually use any chocolate biscuits if you can’t find this brand

500 mls thickened cream — a big jug is usually 600 mls so we just used the whole jug and adjusted the sugar

1 teaspoon of caster sugar — don’t have caster sugar?  Use regular sugar, no probs — if you used the whole 600 mls cream, you can either add a little bit more, or not

some chocolate for melting and drizzling

Those were all she needed for this dessert.  Really!  Well, the original recipe (which is normally printed on the packet of the biscuit itself) says to add 1 teaspoon vanilla but I really don’t like vanilla so we omitted that.


Place cream and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat until stiff.

Spread a little of the cream on the base of your plate lengthwise.  This will sort of be the “glue” that will help you stick your biscuits on the plate. Spread cream on a piece of biscuit, and top with another.  Stand this on top of the plate.  Take another biscuit, spread with cream and stand this beside the first couple.  Repeat this procedure until you have 6 biscuits sandwiched with cream. 







Do this again to make another column until you have 4 columns.  You will have spare biscuits which you can pop in your mouth, just to check if they really are yummy hahaha.

Spread the remaining cream on the sides and the top.

Drizzle with melted chocolate, or strawberries.  Refrigerate.  Enjoy.  Feel guilty later.


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  1. Looks so delicious!

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