Happier Year

It hasn’t been easy celebrating the coming of the New Year…

Horrible news before the year ended consumed most of the time that should have been left for planning what to do to celebrate.  The shooting of the children in Newtown.  The brutal gang rape and murder of a 23 year old Indian medical student in Delhi who was dreaming of building a hospital in their town.  The shooting of firemen by a deranged man who set up the fire so he can do what he “enjoys doing most — murdering”.  A 7 year old girl killed by a bullet fired by an drunken IDIOT who thinks everybody appreciates a celebratory gun being fired. The list went on and on…

Sometimes I wonder how the world could get even worse and I get more and more paranoid about the kind of people today’s children will be sharing earth with.  As a child, everytime I hear of terrible things being done to somebody, I always pray that a real Superman would come along.  I pretend that I am chosen to be someone with superpowers and I would zoom around the world protecting children most specially, and carrying off all the villains into an island inhabited by all the poisonouse bugs and deadly animals, and surrounded by sharks, with no chance of escape.  There they can all live the way they want to, with no rules to follow.

But alas, that is not reality. Sometimes I feel despair and hopelessness.  It is sad that most of the time, justice is not served, specially for those who are not famous, and do not have the means to ensure that justice is done.  Poor families, and children most specially.  Some are in the news, while most are not even heard of.  As if they are not as important as the rest.  Not as important as a celebrity who announces she is pregnant with a man who is not her husband, a celebrity couple getting in a party brawl, or even a young starlet having a new haircut.

Sigh.  I hope we do get a happier year this year.  Everyone deserves it.  Cheers.




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