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I know that today is New Year’s Eve and I should be probably talking about resolutions, and the year that has passed. But not yet. I am more excited about a movie I have just seen with my hubby and daughter.

Today we saw The Rise of the Guardians. I knew it was a computer generated animation film and I wasn’t expecting too much from it. But lo and behold, I was impressed. In my inner childhood sanctum, I was rapt with excitement as I watched Nicholas St. North (Santa), Tooth (the Tooth Fairy), E. Aster Bunnymund (Easter Bunny) and Jack Frost battle it out with Pitch the Bogeyman with my family while chomping on Smith Chips (original and not the crinkle cut for me!) and Pods Honeycomb.

There were so many lessons one can glean from this wonder movie, for both children and grown ups. I am pretty sure there would be critics about how children are being “manipulated” into doing the right thing by promises of presents from Santa, a gold coin from the Tooth Fairy, etc. But this movie, I think, would give parents a new perspective about the need for children to believe in something, to cling on to hopes and dreams, to think that Santa, the Easter Bunny, Sandman, the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost are perhaps, real. Because as North said in the movie: “We go by many names, and take many forms. We bring wonder and hope, we bring joy and dreams. We are the Sandman and the Tooth Fairy, we are the Easter Bunny, and Santa. And our powers are greater than you ever imagine…”

As a parent, I have agonized over when and how I would finally tell my daughter the truth about Santa. Until now. In the end part of the movie, Jack Frost says “Do you stop believing in the moon when it goes away, or in the sun when clouds block it? Besides, we’ll be here (points to the little boy’s heart), which kind of makes you a Guardian too.” Hence, I am a Guardian, too. It doesn’t matter that parents stuff presents “from Santa” under the tree, or a coin under the pillow, or hide colored eggs around the house. It doesn’t make them unreal. Parents do that because it is part of their duties as Guardians. It is a way of helping the real Guardians do their job.

I can’t tell any child that Santa is just make believe. I can’t. Because deep inside, I still believe he is real. And the image I have of him is better now — because he is a tough Santa!


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