Starlight, starbright…

I don’t even know why I chose Starlight Starbright except for the fact that this Jim Brickman/Kenny Loggins song had always brought me to tears whenever I hear it. The song for some reason makes me remember all the children that has left this world too soon…

I feel blessed to be able to listen to the sounds of laughter from my daughter and her cousin running around in the yard playing with their water gun. I feel privileged for being a mother and an aunt. I feel heartbroken for all those who have lost children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. I feel fearful as to whether every child in our family will be protected from harm and monsters. I feel that every children in the world has the right to be defended by every adult, for who else can they turn to if not us?

Starlight, starbright… wishing on the first star of the night
I wish I may, I wish I might
Make all your dreams come true tonight

Every night as I look at my daughter sleeping, I can feel the trust she has in me and my husband, trusting that we will keep her from harm while she dreams perhaps about her dog, or maybe something pink, or those colorful weird looking moshi monsters…

As you drift off to sleep, angels guard the memories you keep
Now close your eyes and dream away
And you’ll awaken on Christmas day

From the time she was born, I find it hard to have a really deep sleep. Before going to bed, my OCD compels me to check and recheck that all locks are in place. I am always awake at the tiniest sound and bolt to check on her. I cannot say I know how parents who have lost children feel but I can imagine how it might be. How my friend whose daughter was hit by a school bus feels, a colleague who lost his son from dengue but not before he was able to tell his dad he is so tired, a senior officer where I used to work whose little girl died in a school fair accident, the parents of those children in that kindergarten in Connecticut… the list is endless.

Starlight, starbright… shining on my little one tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Make all your dreams come true for you tonight.

Tonight I say a special prayer for all the children and their families. We may never understand why these tragedies happen, but they do, and sadly, they still will. We can only hope and pray for the courage to go on, the strength to endure and the faith that everything happens for a reason.


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