Oh beehive!

There is just too many bad news on tv and in the internet this day I just have to shake off this doomsday feeling with something light… there are times I do reflect on things that make me more appreciative of the kind of life I have been blessed with, but the kind of news I have read today are just way too heavy I just know if I dwell on them too much I would not be sleeping tonight.

So finally, I am showing off the Chocolate Beehives I have prepared the other day (this should help lighten my mood) and maybe help you in some ways, if you are interested in making some for yourself (and friends and families if you must!).

The first step is to prepare your favorite chocolate cake batter and fill about 24 pieces of papercups (of course you would need to place the papercups in cupcake tins). I was able to make 28 so yeah, you would HAVE to share it.

Next, bake them in your oven for about 15-20 minutes (depending on your oven) at 180 deg C. I turn my pans around after HALF of the baking time just to make sure the cooking is evenly distributed. Cool them down on a cooling rack.


Next, make a big batch of SWISS MERINGUE — the recipe I used needed 8 egg whites. I normally just use 5 egg whites but I knew I would need more than that because of the piping required as you will see later. There are heaps of recipe in the internet for Swiss Meringue — choose what is best for you, experiment if you need, until you find just the right amount of sweetness that suits you. You would need a good electrix mixer for this — I wouldn’t use my arms to beat the whites and the sugar — they are too large already!

Using a piping bag fitted with a plain nozzle, pipe the meringue on top of each cupcake, lifting the bag gently while squeezing until you make what would look like a tall inverted beehive. I have described it as best as I could — just look at the photo below to give you an idea. At this point, your cupcakes would be looking gorgeous you will be squealing! Awwww, so white and creamy and oh so fluffy… you can actually say “I’m done!” if you want to stop now because you can serve the cupcakes as they are but, at this stage, they are just, well, cupcakes with meringue on top and not the chocolate beehives I want.

After all cupcakes are “beehived”, freeze them (or just refrigerate them) for about an hour (or in my case, until I remember all about them about 2 hours later).


An hour or two later, you come to another exciting part. Prepare the chocolate glaze (I just melted some dark chocolate with a bit of oil over a pot of simmering water) and cool it down for a minute or so. Next, holding a cupcake upside down, carefully dip the beehive in the chocolate until thoroughly coated, using a spoon to drizzle chocolate on the sides where white are still showing. Work fast as they set quickly. Notice how shiny they are when they are still wet, hence you can see which ones are already set.


When dry, they are ready to either serve or refrigerate or give away. Yummm!





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