‘Tis the Season anyway!

OK so here I am, heavy with beef stroganoff for lunch finished with a piece of that chocolate beehive and cafe au lait, fighting the urge to answer the call of my bed and pillow.  It sure is difficult to ignore this lethargic moment seeing that Deefa is right here curled up on my lap taking his snooze.  My left foot is now numb from where his 4+ kilo weight is and I am pretty sure if I dare move it I would be numb no more but the complete opposite, yikes.

I have decided early this week that I will give our neighbors (left and right sides) some Christmas goodies.  Two years ago I did, but not last year — the right side neighbor was away and the left side neighbor wasn’t but I pretended they were lol.  I am not very fond of the lefties and that’s another story for another day.

But this year, I thought I should be the better neighbor and share some of the season’s spirits with the lefties.  The righties are away on holidays again, I think. 

I was planning on making them some milk lollies (yema for the pinoys) but since I have made a batch of the chocolate beehives yesterday…!  So I packed 5 pieces of them large cupcakes, placed them on a pink serviette and white plate, tied a green cello over them and went to the neighbor’s as quick as I could before I change my mind.

There was a welcome mat outside their door and a pot of plant by the window.  Hmmmm, not bad.  I guess the wife is trying to make their home as homey as possible despite the problem on alcohol and all the yelling you always hear from their house…

My daughter Corina went with me and we knocked on their door maybe about five times after several seconds of intervals because it seems good ole Charlie didn’t want to be bothered opening their door and was yelling for one of the girls to open it instead (Jasmine!  Jasmine! Jasminnnnnnneeee!).  Well, it seems Jasmine couldn’t open the door at that time, though I can hear the wifey who also probably wasn’t able to.

From outside we can smell curry (I always get a whiff of curry from them, I think they have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and second thoughts were already beginning to creep in when Charlie finally opened the door with a “yes?”.  There was this hint of “Oh no, she’s gonna tell me I was noisy again last night — wait, I wasn’t!” — in his eyes and when he saw me carrying something Christmassy, he was like, “what is this for?” I said “Christmas”, not really decided on whether I will smile at him or remain poker faced — but Lady Gaga won.  I said “Merry Christmas” and I can see he was taken aback by the gesture.  At that moment perhaps the spirit of Elvis Presley visited him as he said “Thank you very much”, sounding exactly like Elvis would if he was my neighbor.  And if he was alive.

The girls were behind him looking on and as soon as I turned my back on them with Corina in tow, one of the girls squealed “Yum! I’m bringing one to school!”  And that made it all worthwhile.  I finally realized I wasn’t doing it for Charlie but more for his girls, and maybe for his wife.  Hopefully Charlie would see that for all the annoyance we feel for him and the way he treats his family, we still are thinking of them in some ways.  Hopefully as well, Charlie felt another spirit visit him that morning, the spirit of the season.



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